Community Renewal invites the whole body of Christ to take the whole gospel to the whole city in order to demonstrate "our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven."

Community Renewal's mission is holistic and for the common good in that all needs and all people matter to God. Believers are encouraged to use their gifts and talents to serve God in our community to bring about "the shalom" of the city (Jeremiah 29:7).

Community Renewal does not exist solely for the spiritual purpose of evangelism or the building of a local church, although that may be a consequence of good Christian community development. Its motivation is to serve Christ, giving in a way that is not dependent on reciprocity from others (Luke 6:30-38) but expecting the greater reward from God Himself.

Also, our works will often be done in collaboration with people of good will who may not share a common faith but partner on a common mission.

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Partnering Churches

St Andrews Presbyterian Church is committed to being a missional church in Tucson. They are a supply church, which means that they supply resources to others in our community. I would say that they
are one of the most generous churches in Tucson. Since Community Renewal started partnering with them we have seen them actively reach out to support those on the front lines of ministry. They have
been a great support to many para-church organizations that minister to the “at risk” in our community. They have stepped up to also support small churches in bad neighborhoods that lack resources. We at Community Renewal are proud to acknowledge and recognize the wonderful work that God is doing through the local church of St. Andrews Presbyterian. We count it a privilege and an honor to be ministry partners in our community and are thankful for their leadership and generosity. We would recommend this church if you are looking for a suburban church that cares about our city and wants to see the Kingdom of God manifest. Learn more about St Andrew's Presbyterian Church by going to their website:www.standrewspres.com

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